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We love designing Apple App’s and offer free advice to help your business make the most of this platform.

My Baby Tracker – Share and Track Babies Progress

From Breastfeeding to Sleeping Cycles, log all your daily events and track development of your baby. If you enable the ‘Sharing’ option, partners & other caregivers can add events on their own device to allow everyone to see baby’s daily activities.

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Password Manager – My Password Book

Choosing the best password manager is an important decision, choosing the best password manager is identifying the ‘Best Password Manager’ for the individual. An over-complicated, feature rich password manager is often too confusing for many who really just need somewhere secure to store their passwords, otherwise all passwords will end up in a ‘Notepad’ as the side of their armchair!

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Match Hidden Presents – Christmas Puzzle Game

Christmas Shuffle is a beautiful memory puzzle game for all ages and your goal is to find the match hidden presents pairs as fast as possible. However, there is a twist! If you find a Grumpy Santa then you must match it with another Grumpy Santa to avoid the presents from shuffling and therefore presents you have remembered the location of, will be lost! It’s super-simple to play but actually requires sharp visual-memory skills.

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Joker Shuffle – Alternative To Solitaire

Joker Shuffle Image 1

When your looking for an alternative to Solitaire or Spider Solitaire then Joker Shuffle is an ideal game to play between meetings and during lunch breaks to keep your mind active. Brain Training games are becoming increasingly popular as many people recognise the need to keep their mind active.
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