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The best password managers make it simple and easy to manage all of your passwords in a secure and protected way.

Choosing the best password manager is an important decision, choosing the best password manager is identifying the ‘Best Password Manager’ for the individual. 

A password generator using a single pre-defined strong format, therefore avoiding the confusing options that often results in the user choosing their usual default password.

Apple’s iCloud to store the users passwords, no need for a ‘3rd Party’ storage account sign up.

Award Winning Features

Easy To Use

The App has been designed to be as simple as possible. Familiar operation and a clutter free screen.

No 3rd Party

Your data is not stored anywhere other than on your device and your own iCloud account for maximum security.

Auto Backup

Data is automatically backed up to iCloud and will be available on all your devices, including new devices.

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Blogs & Help

My Password Book

Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to ‘Back Up’ My Password Book before reinstalling on my new phone?A. No, all your records are stored securely in your iCloud account and will automatically reload when you Read more…

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