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When your looking for an iPad Restaurant Menu App to help your business thrive in a competitive environment then WaiterPal is a Restaurant Menu App that has received great reviews for its functional ability to help busy restaurants or café’s simplify the table ordering process without the high costs normally associated with similar applications.


This is a stand alone iPad Restaurant Menu App, often the free iPad Menu Apps advertised are linked to expensive back office restaurant IT systems that require monthly subscriptions. This is not the case with this Restaurant App and you can use all of its functions as soon as it has been downloaded from the AppStore.


Many small to medium restaurant or café business owners look for solutions that will actually help their business rather than something that just looks good but does not provide any business benefits.

Proson Technologies iPad Restaurant Menu App has been developed with the end user at the heart of the design concept. The App allows the user to create their own menu and send orders directly from the App to a printer in the kitchen or to an email account. This allows the waiter to remain at the front of house processing orders from diners without having to continually run back and forth to the kitchen. One of our clients using the iPad Restaurant Menu App in a converted two storey office building with the kitchen on a different floor to the diners and claims the WaiterPal Menu App has improved the efficiency by over 50%.

Key Features:

Stand Alone iPad Restaurant Menu App

No monthly subscription required.

Send orders from the table with wireless *printing or emails.

Add and Edit as many menu items as required including photographs.

A custom designed graphical interface with full Retina display support.

Add photographs and details to improve the customer experience.

Easy to setup with a choice of options and default settings available.

Order Totals available on every order pad list.

*Airprint compatible printer required.