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Joker Shuffle 2 a real alternative to Solitaire and Freecell.

Solitaire is one of the most popular games for mobile devices, challenged with developing a real alternative resulted in the creatation of Joker Shuffle 2.

Joker Shuffle 2

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This is a really useful app if you are a waiter. You can enter your full menu on here easily and even add pictures. Taking orders from tables is just a push of a button which is much better than frantically scribbling stuff down on a pad and it reduces the chance of making mistakes.


Joker Shuffle 2 Free

Once you start you can't stop, always gotta better your last score. Very addictive. I have always enjoyed Free Solitaire and this has to be up there with one of the best Solitaire alternatives ever. Brilliant.


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We are very proud of some of the most recent apps developed by Proson Technologies. Joker Shuffle 2 is a leading game on the App Store and a real alternative to solitaire, spider solitaire or freecell. WaiterPal and TableManager were developed for one of our clients and although these products are designed specifically for the restaurant and cafe markets they have proven to be very popular.

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Restaurant Software