The best password managers make it simple and easy to manage all of your passwords in a secure and protected way.

This is especially important during this pandemic, as millions are being forced to work for home and issues of online security have made password managers an essential tool. Most of us have scores of online accounts, and it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of reusing the same password for multiple sites. It might be convenient, but it also leaves us in real danger; if just one of those sites is compromised, all your accounts will be at risk.

We evaluated the most vulnerable to online fraud and identified an issue with most password managers, they are too complicated and confusing for this group, who are often targeted by online fraudsters. When asking this group how they keep track of all their passwords, a common answer was given, I keep them in ‘My Password Book’.

It became clear that this user group are very cautious and did not feel confident using a password manager, we agree that some password managers are very confusing for the average to lower skilled iPad or iPhone user. Often when downloaded, the first screen ‘Insists’ you must register NOW before proceeding……this is where the user does not really understand why and decide to leave immediately….”I’m not giving my passwords to someone I don’t know”.

What this group did not like,  was signing up for a 3rd party account and did not have the confidence that this was secure. However, they trusted their Apple Device, either iPhone or iPad. My Password Manager was designed with ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Security’ as the basis for a secure manager. It was these principles that underpinned the decision to use Apple’s iCloud to store the users passwords, no need for a ‘3rd Party’ storage account. Simple ‘End User Design’ allows for a streamlined approach, no more than two buttons per screen and to avoid a ‘Settings Page’. A password generator using a single pre-defined format, therefore avoiding the confusing options that often results in the user choosing their usual default password.

Choosing the best password manager is an important decision, choosing the best password manager is identifying the ‘Best Password Manager’ for the individual. An over-complicated, feature rich password manager is often too confusing for many who really just need somewhere secure to store their passwords, otherwise all passwords will end up in a ‘Notepad’ as the side of their armchair!

A good password manager will not only save you the effort of remembering dozens of different logins for all your online accounts, it will also help keep them secure by generating strong passwords that are impossible to guess, and storing them all safely in an encrypted vault.

1. My Password Book
2. Dashlane
3. NordPass
4. RoboForm
5. 1Password
6. LastPass
7. Keeper
8. Bitwarden
9. LogMeOnce
10. mSecure